To properly secure a network you need multiple layers of protection.

It's well past time to just be worried about having proper antivirus and a firewall.  Your employees need to be able to recognize phishing attempts.  Your network needs monitoring, not just reporting.  You need business continuity , not just backup.  It's time to get proactive about your network.  It's time to lock it up, with LockIT Technologies.

  • 24/7 Monitoring – SIEM Security Information and Event Management

    24/7 Monitoring – SIEM Security In

    What is SIEM and why do I need it? The devices on your network transmit and log a tremendous amount…

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  • Vulnerability Scans – Patching

    Vulnerability Scans – Patching

    It only takes one vulnerability to gain a foot hold into your environment. Is every machine in your environment patched…

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  • Business Continuity or “Backups”

    Business Continuity or “Backups

    The Truth About Disasters They can happen to any business at any time and the downtime they cause is truly…

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  • Antivirus and Malware Protection

    Antivirus and Malware Protection

    Antivirus is a security layer almost all users are familiar with. Many of these products are very resource intensive and…

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  • Virtualization


    Establish or expand a private cloud environment. Provide more flexible, on-demand IT services by moving to or expanding your use…

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  • Consulting


    LockIT can help you decipher compliance concerns, network diagrams, and complex IT issues.  Whether you need help planning your next…

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  • Compliance – Social Engineering

    Compliance – Social Engineering

    LockIT is here to help your organization build a culture of security in your environment.  We can help you and…

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  • Managed Services

    Managed Services

    If you lie awake at night worrying about your sensitive business data and don't know what to do... It's time…

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